Kwik Hits From Home

I’m home sick, after somewhat foolishly eating something I shouldn’t have last night. As I have a blinding headache that no reasonable quantity of painkillers seems to have an effect on, this will be relatively brief:

A government commissioner in the UK bemoans England’s hostility to young people. Notably glossed over? Young peoples’ hostility to the world around them…

Wikileaks, if you haven’t noticed, are up to their usual mild incompetence and still begging for money which they claim desperately to need but refuse to give an accounting for…

There are worse ways to kill a few hours than by browsing through Notebook Stories dot com;

Two pieces of hard-hitting journalism from our friends at Pravda:

Russia willing to restore Soviet Legacy in Afghanistan; and

Most popular stress reliever turns 60… bet you can’t guess what it is!

And from the folks at Ria Novosti, a look at a suspicious Google translation error that seems to have strong political views…

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