Pity The Humble Heroin Junkie

In this season of goodwill and charity towards others, it is perhaps appropriate to stop for a moment and feel a moment of pity for the poor, humble heroin junkies of England.

Not necessarily because they’ve made some bad choices in their lives, mind you, or have turned into addicts of a powerful and illegal opiate. Rather, because there appears to be anthrax in the heroin supply, with one user dead and two in hospital with the disease.

Authorities insist there’s no reason whatsoever to believe this is anything other than an accidental contamination of the heroin supply with naturally-occurring anthrax spores, but you have to wonder. I mean, if you were a villain who’d cultured anthrax spores and wanted to test their potency, there are a lot of worse ways to go about it than carefully contaminating the heroin supply and seeing what happens…

Jokes aside, a lot of people already treat (hard) drug users like lepers; they fact that they now might actually have a fairly serious disease isn’t going to exactly improve their social standing or treatment, you know?

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