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Random interesting things I’ve spotted recently:

Oh no, alert the media, someone stole two flags from atop a vacant brewery. Any local urban explorers want to fess up to this heinous crime?

Pravda has an interesting article about the illegal arms trade here. I guess, being an American, I can’t help but be amused by the oh-so-terrifying haul of weapons recently recovered in Dagestan, according to the article: “six hand-built guns with mufflers, a TT-type gun, four Nagan revolvers, a Margolina pistol, a submachine gun, and an 8 mm foreign-built gun”. That’s six homemade zip guns with homemade silencers, a Tokarev semi-auto pistol, four 100-year-old revolvers, a .22 target pistol, some sort of “submachine gun”, and what is almost certainly a Mauser bolt-action rifle. I don’t know what the submachine gun was, but the Tokarev is really the only other seriously credible weapon in that group. When you consider the average multi-gun haul in the U.S. probably includes at lease one AR-15, SKS, or Kalashnikov, it’s hard to get excited about these personal museum collections…

Any Wikipedia editors reading this? Ria Novosti has a timeline of the development of the Bulava IRBM, which appears to offer a lot of information noted as “unknown” or “unconfirmed” or “citation needed” on the missile’s Wikipedia page.

Also from Ria Novosti, details on the Russian military’s impending reorganization. Of particular note is that they’re apparently sacking over 200,000 officers, including over 15,000 Colonels and almost 75,000 Majors. In the past, a lot of those people would have wound up in Intelligence positions – KGB, NKVD, GRU, et cetera. I wonder what’s going to happen to them now – and what kind of social crackdowns will be taken out of fears of a coup?

Bruce Allen, guitarist for iconic Minneapolis band The Suburbs, has died. If you’re unfamiliar with the ‘Burbs, you can check out my favorite song of theirs – ‘Music for Boys’ – right here.

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