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We in America have this pointless imperialist holiday coming up this week, for which I’m being forced to travel to fulfill familiar obligations, so this will probably be the only post this week, barring anything spectacular.

For your browsing pleasure…

Got WWII aerial photos?

Freddie Mercury, RIP. I can remember when he passed away; several friends who were really into music were quite upset, but I was all “Freddie who?”. I’m a bit more enlightened, these days…

Shiny new dedicated server for 35 USD/mo, anyone?

The economy – and competition from hellholes like Wal*Mart – may claim one of the larger bookstore chains by the end of the year. Joy, joy.

Oh noes, two men kissed on national television. The Adam Lambert thing should actually be somewhat cheering news, though. If you go by number of complaints received, a same-sex display of affection doesn’t come anywhere near almost seeing Janet Jackson’s breast for about a second. Welcome to America, land of highly tolerant prudes!

As some of you know, I have several Google News searches saved for terms like “manhole cover”; most of the results have to do with their theft for scrap value, but every once in a while something else turns up, too – like this article on undercover policing in Memphis, in which an FBI Special Agent named Joe Pistone is quoted as saying “…I don’t throw around accolades like manhole covers.” No, I have no idea what he means, either.

Meet Alaska’s fearsome – and fearless – light-painters, if only for the quote “Two guys, two cameras, two tripods, a bunch of colored lights and a huge state with an abundance of rusted, dented, twisted, dilapidated, grounded, graffitied and bullet-ridden stuff to photograph.” Gosh, that sounds like a nice place to live…

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