The October 2009 Wright Flyer III Crash

Last month, I posted some pictures of the crash of a replica Wright Flyer III airplane in Ohio earlier that month. Those photos were taken by USAF personnel from Wright-Patterson AFB who responded to the crash, and released under the Freedom of Information Act.

This week, I’ve got a whole bunch of photos taken – apparently – by the Federal Aviation Administration – including some quite nice images of the un-crashed plane, as well as photos of the crash itself.

There are a lot of pictures here, so this might take a little bit to load…

There is a certain amount of confusion, at least in my mind, surrounding the photos that were released to me. Some were taken on 1 Oct 2009, the date of the crash. Some were taken in October 2007, as part of another Wright re-enactment, and the practice for the same. Others it’s difficult to tell, since the camera dates are all “01/01/1980” or somesuch. All I can tell you is that they’re of Mark Dusenberg’s Wright Flyer III replica – well, except for the one of the bird, anyway…

That is, I believe, pilot Mark Dusenberg, posing with his hand-built airplane.

The catapult assembly used to launch the Wright Flyer.

The Wright Flyer being – I think – setup on the launch rail.

Again, in a pretty damned awesome photo, if I do say so myself.

A bird of some sort that landed atop the catapult at one point.

The replica Wright Flyer III… in flight.

The moment of impact on the 1 Oct 2009 crash.

Rescue personnel tend to pilot Mark Dusenberry, before he was airlifted to a hospital for treatment.

You can click on several of the images above to go to (much!) higher-resolution copies, should you want to use one as a desktop background or something. All are the work of the U.S. Government, and were released under the Freedom of Information Act, so you’re free to upload them to Wikipedia, or whatever, and basically do with them what you wish.

If you want more photos, I’ve made two collections of the original high-resolution images available for download.

At this link is a .rar file (approximately 170MB) containing twenty-eight (28) images of the Wright Flyer’s final flight taken one second apart, between it’s approximately 8:52:31 local time, when it was launched, and 8:53:00 local time, at which time the wreckage had come to a stop. Feel free to make an animated GIF of this, or something, if that’s what floats your boat. (The stop-motion effect of 1FPS video would be somehow fairly fitting for the Wright Flyer, don’t you think?)

At this link is a .rar file (approximately 75MB) containing forty-four (44) images of the wrecked airplane by USAF personnel.

Enjoy, I guess.

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