Dear Federal Aviation Administration, WTH

Dear Federal Aviation Administration;

The other day, I was blogging about the pointless waste of money that some federal agencies are incurring by sending out mail at full first-class postage rates, rather than the discounted pre-sort rate that would save roughly $0.08 per piece of mail. I don’t know how much mail the federal government sends in a year, but I figure eight cents per piece is a pretty hefty chunk of change.

Let’s ignore that for now. You’re doing something quite ridiculously more wasteful.

This week, I received a “no records” response from an FAA office in response to a Freedom of Information Act request I sent them some time ago. This single piece of paper arrived in a regular business-sized envelope. I sent you the request via email; you could have responded in kind. Save a tree, save the environment, save some postage, you know?

Okay, no big deal, that’s an envelope and a piece of paper and $0.44 in postage that you blew needlessly, right?

Try… six dollars. Because somebody somewhere thought an FOIA “no records” form letter should be sent as certified mail.

I’ve blurred certain bits that could compromise my privacy.

Seriously, FAA? Certified mail? Did you not notice there’s a recession on?

Oh, and, seriously, who creates the labels for your mail?

“Us [sic] Department of Transportation”
“ATO Centeral [sic] Service Area
Center Service Center [sic]”

Is the “Centeral Service Area Center Service Center” in any way associated with the “Redundant Department of Redundancy Department”? Just curious, is all.

Not cool, FAA. Not cool at all.

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