What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been

Five years ago – 29 October 2004 – was not a terribly exciting day in world history. Oh, there was fighting in Somalia, the European Union became a large step closer to happening, Yasser Arafat headed to Paris for medical treatment, and al-Jazeera aired a videotape containing Osama bin Laden’s first admission of responsibility for September 11th. (Remember bin Laden?)

In a lot less noticeable news, the website you’re now reading – Entropic Memes – came into being.

Yeah, I can’t believe it’s been five years, either.

In those five years I’ve blogged about a wide and ever-changing variety of subjects – privacy, security, politics, technology, computers, Linux, history, linguistics… I’ve blathered on about a thousand and one subjects over the years, and nobody is more surprised than I am that people actually read this stuff, and in reasonably large numbers – a bit over a thousand people a day read this site, or parts of it, on any given day. Not bad for something one person cranks out during lunch breaks, no?

I’ve exposed some interesting tidbits, contributed to the occasional bit of public discourse, and opined on things that soon became forgotten; I’ve groused and complained, I’ve pointed out government mistakes – not that the government generally does anything about them, except in very rare instances. (Note that, as far as I can tell, there have been no updates as of yet to the document in question, a full two years later.) I’ve been investigated as a terrorist, been threatened with lawsuits, and been Slashdotted. (On a single-CPU 1GHz Pentium III server, no less. Who says WordPress sites can’t handle high traffic?)

Other than the addition of small ads – which don’t come close to covering the cost of hosting this site – the design of Entropic Memes hasn’t changed since that fateful day in 2004. Why change a losing formula? Other than the advertising revenue – which, sadly, has fallen by almost 75% this year – and one kind reader donating $2, once – the whole thing (which now spans four servers, argh) is entirely funded out of pocket. That’s okay – there are better recipients for your money, should you be feeling charitable – the Federation of American Scientists, who publish Secrecy News is far more deserving – and needing – of your spare cash than I am, but if you don’t want to donate to them – though you really should – my second suggestion would be the NLEOMF.

Five years, huh? I assure you – 1,186 posts later – it seems like a lot longer. They say that a year in the blogosphere is more like three or four years “in real life”, and that seems about right. Will this site still be here in another five years? I have no idea.

What I am pretty sure about, though, is that I hope you, dear reader, stick with me to find out, whether I make it to October 2014 or not. Ta, as they say, muchly…

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  1. On 10/29/2009 at 2:58 pm Dusty Said:

    Joyeux anniversaire monsieur memes

  2. On 10/29/2009 at 6:05 pm cbp Said:

    Congrats – looking forward to another 5 years

    — Appreciative reader