The Verbing of the Nouns

I saw this story in the paper today, and was originally only slightly appalled that common sense has become such a rarity in this country that a high school student faces criminal sexual conduct charges – the kind of thing where, if convicted, I’m pretty sure you have to register as “sex offender” for the rest of your life – for streaking at a high school football game. I mean, seriously, the mind boggles, right? He apparently wasn’t the first student to streak at a Saint Francis football game this year – others received suspensions, according to the article, ranging from one to ten days.

Now, never mind the obvious disparity here – one student streaks and gets a one day suspension, another streaks and gets ten days without school, and another does the exact same thing, and might wind up as a “registered sex offender”, all because the school district wants to make an example. Yeah, real democratic, guys. Almost makes one wonder whether some of those students came from disadvantaged families – like, ones where the parents aren’t influential businessmen or politicians, or have the wrong color of skin, or something – and so received slightly less equal treatment than their richer, better-connected, or whiter classmates.

No, the heck with that; what really and truly appalled me is this quote from the article:

The kids were consequenced,” District Superintendent Edward Saxton said.

Excuse me? You’re the bureaucratic uselessness who ultimately oversees the education and development of hundreds of students, and you used consequence as a verb?

No offense, Mr. Edward Saxton, but you’re an idiot who has no place “directioning” a school district, however small. As an English major, your illiterate drivel on the school’s website appalls me.

“In education, preparing is important, but delivering results is vital. We are prepared for our students and look forward to the opportunity to deliver results. To our high school seniors: please shape your final school year with the precision and patience of a great artist. As for our kindergartners: catch the excitement that discovery and learning offers. All of our staff is looking forward to seeing each District 15 student excel in multiple settings. We want our students to read often, study diligently, and work hard.”

Study diligently, Mr. Saxton, and work hard, and you might realize there are more important things to worry about than misguided pranks and youthful exuberance. Hell, you might even discover some way to keep from coming across as an illiterate embarrassment to your school district, its teachers, and the community they serve. In the meantime, one is left to wonder who you slept with to get your job, and why they hate the children of your community so much…

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