Kwik Hits

Random things of interest from across the internet:

USAF headline, this afternoon: Airmen commemorate 50 years of nation’s preeminent ICBM fleet. Look, I know it’s obligatory for them to be really rah-rah about themselves, but can we just stop and think about this for a minute, please? “Preeminent” means “above or before others, superior, surpassing”, according to the dictionary. What’s this other ICBM fleet the USAF missileers are so superior to, then?

Dumbass of the day: Minnesota’s public safety commissioner wants to spend 2.5 million dollars in federal highway funds to put “sophisticated video cameras” in police cars across the state. The reason? To “fight gangs” by… um, deterring racial profiling by police, apparently. I know that’s undoubtedly going to be a popular move with the “all cops are racist bastards” crowd, but that’s going to do what, again, about the growing gang problem in this state? Stupid politicians…

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad turns out to be Jewish, apparently. What can I say? We all hate in others what we hate in ourselves, et cetera.

Britain’s Independent has a list of the supposed world’s most notorious liars. Conservatives will be pleased to note that Bill Clinton is first on the list…

And lastly, a neat story on the secrets of underground Brooklyn.

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