Marine Aviation

Recently sent to me by a reader was this PowerPoint presentation (6.5MB) which outlines the current and short-term future development of the USMC‘s aviation program. There are a few interesting tidbits in there – a couple maps of deployed USMC aviation assets, for example, and an interesting chart of aerial supply routes in the Afghan theater of operations, which isn’t something that gets made public every day.

The most interesting part, in my mind, has to do with the KC-130J, the latest, newest, and bestest incarnation of the venerable C-130 Hercules.

First up is an overview of the KC-130J:

(Note the part about “Issue: Georgia congressmen love this plane”, heh.)

…and then there’s a look at the newest incarnation of the KC-130J, the “Harvest Hawk”, which does away with the tanker aspect and adds a sensor (TSS == ‘Target Sensor System’), a fairly large gun, and a couple PGMs. (Why it’s still called a “KC-130”, I have no idea; shouldn’t this be an MC-130, instead?)

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