Kwik Hits

Random stuff from teh interwebz I found interesting recently:

Please leave the sewers to qualified professionals, lest you become national news and die in the process;

Need really cheap (virtual) servers? These folks can point you in the right direction;

Like anime? Don’t like to pay for it? Here’s a somewhat up-to-date list of sites to leech your fix from;

Local law enforcement agencies have turned to the internet to disseminate information to local residents. The software and website suck sweaty donkey balls, but the idea’s basically a good one. (It’s interesting to see how law enforcement are basically cutting out the middlemen, and directly disseminating info to the public without the media’s “help”. Sure, it’s a system ripe for abuse, but I wonder if this isn’t the next step in the ever-worsening relationship between the media and law enforcement?);

On a slightly related note, the glaringly obvious newspaper headline of the day: Untreated Pneumonic Plague Has High Mortality. I, for one, would never have guessed that…

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