Welcome “The Usual Suspects”

The Saint Paul Pioneer Press, the Twin Cities’ smaller but evidently more financially sound daily newspaper, has – gasp! – decided to embrace that whole social-media thingy, by letting (making?) the staff blog. Good idea? Bad idea? Too early to tell.

Of most interest to me is the paper’s “police, courts, and public safety” blog, The Usual Suspects. While it’s a bit light on content thus far, it’s not without value. To be fair, some of the value might be unintentional – this post by Ruben Rosario, for example, shows that you don’t need to be a great speller – or even know how to use a spell-checker – to be a popular journalist. (That’s what they pay editors the big bucks for, apparently.)

Today’s post demonstrates the idea of “criminal stupidity” fairly nicely, but, alas, fails to note that the suspect – wanted in connection with a burglary where a handgun was stolen – has two prior convictions in MN (as an adult, anyway):

Misdemeanor domestic assault, in September 2008, for which he received a couple weeks in the workhouse and one year of probation – probation he’s managed to violate at least nine times since; and

Gross misdemeanor illegal possession of a handgun, in December 2008, for which he was convicted earlier this month and received two years of probation. (Terms of his probation include “no alcohol/controlled substance use” and “no weapons violations”.)

Kids these days…

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