Windows 7 Predictions, Two Years Later

Back in February 2007, I made some predictions about the then-unnamed “next version of Windows” that had just been announced for release in 2009. At the time, I was grossly unenthused, believing that the short development lead time meant Microsoft would prove unable to learn any substantial and meaningful lessons from the epic failure that was – and is – Vista.

How’d I do? So-so…

My four predictions were:

1, that Windows 7 would be 64-bit only. Verdict: guess I blew that one!

2, that Windows 7 would come in at least ten editions or versions. Verdict: So far, Microsoft have announced only six (or maybe seven), but I maintain a pessimistic optimism (?!) that they’ll up that number, in time.

3, that Windows 7 would prove to be every bit as chronically and systematically insecure as XP is and was, and Vista proved to be. Verdict: Too early to call, but I remain confident that’ll prove to be accurate.

4, that Windows 7 would break from the traditional Windows design and imitate a lot of the trendy design fads of today. Verdict: Nailed that one…

So that’s one success, one failure, one temporary failure, and one I’m confident will be proven true before too long.

Not too bad, for a habitual cynic…

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