143 Business Days and Counting

On January 21st, 2009, I blogged about – and emailed the FBI about – the absolutely useless FOIA request form on the FBI’s website, which doesn’t do a single thing.

That was 168 days ago. 24 weeks. 143 business days. A bit over 4,000 hours.

And, despite all the promises about transparency and accountability and openness and so on, the form still doesn’t work.

It’s not like making a working form is rocket science, you know? It’s something any idiot can do.

So, come on, FBI. Get with the 21st century already. Please? I’d contact my Senator, but his website is “under construction”…

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  1. On 7/8/2009 at 7:39 pm Rob Rascally Said:

    Man, do you guys HAVE to submit FOIA requests via their webform? How dumb.

    Up here in Canada, we just wait for the leaks. And trust me, everything leaks up here eventually. 😉

  2. On 7/9/2009 at 2:42 pm Nemo Said:

    You don’t HAVE to submit FOIA requests through the form, but it’d be nice if you could. (The other options are email, which has, historically, rarely worked; fax, which has, historically, rarely worked; and snail-mail, which is slow and annoying.)

    The complaint is not so much that you can’t submit requests online, but that they have for years had a form up on the web which doesn’t do anything.