Kwik Hits

Random amusements from the interwebs:

Australian officials have found a possible cause for crop circles. While the story is entertaining, the comments below it are absolutely priceless!

Hot on the heels of its successful injunction against gang members at the Cinco de Mayo festival earlier this year, Saint Paul is suing to keep gang-bangers away from a prominent neighborhood festival later this summer. Will it work? Time will tell.

A bunch of interesting tidbits from the USAF:

Think North Korea is the only country posturing with missile tests? We just lobbed a MIRV’d Minuteman III two-thirds of the way to Pyongyang as part of “an operational test to verify the weapon system’s reliability and accuracy.” Anyone think the timing was coincidence?

In happier news, airmen in Florida rescued stray kittens from inside the wall of one of their buildings. Better hope they aren’t plague-carrying al-Qaeda kitten operatives, eh?

It doesn’t go far enough, but there’s a glimmer of hope where “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is concerned: The Secretary of Defense is apparently considering reviewing the military policy, with an eye towards making how and why you’re “outed” the pertinent factor. Damn, but the guy has a real genius for coming up with policies that won’t please a single person…

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