I’ve Got My Orange Crush

For reasons I can’t quite fathom, Orange Crush (and Grape Crush) remain two of the very few plain old sodas / soft drinks available in glass bottles, at least here in the Twin Cities, and they’re available as such in a surprising number of gas stations and convenience stores.

I don’t know who buys them, other than me. Hey, I appreciate the retro aesthetic, and there’s no denying that pretty much every beverage tastes better in glass rather than aluminum or plastic.

So, anyway…

…I stopped on the way in to work the other morning, and picked up a (glass) bottle of Orange Crush, because the vending machine is down to some hellish energy water thingy and Diet Coke, urgh. I get in, set my stuff on my cubicle, and one of my (all too many) bosses comes wandering by. He glances at my desktop space, where the soda is sitting next to the book I’m currently reading… and starts to giggle.

I ask him what’s so funny, and he starts to sing, for crying out loud.

“I’ve got my spy ‘n’ I’ve got my Orange Crush…”

Yes, yes, apparently the lyrics to the song are actually “I’ve got my spine“, but evidently both my boss and I were for some reason under the impression they were “I’ve got my Spy ‘n’ I’ve got my Orange Crush”. Which, honestly, makes about as much sense as any other Michael Stipe lyric, right?

Gods save me from mid-level managers who are morning people.

If anyone cares, The Catcher Was a Spy is a remarkably interesting biography of Moe Berg

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  1. On 6/19/2009 at 10:34 pm Rob Rascally Said:

    I’m actually a huge fan of lime crush (not sure if they have that down in the US, I’ve only ever seen it up here in Canada).

  2. On 6/19/2009 at 10:40 pm Nemo Said:

    It might be a regional thing, but I’ve never seen it here in Minnesota. I used to drink various flavors of Slice, but they did away with that and replaced it with Fanta, which, um, no.

    You Canadians get all the good stuff, like Bits ‘n’ Bites / Meli-Melos. Bastards. 🙂