Recent Goodies from DTIC

In April, the Defense Technology Information Center – DTIC – held their annual conference, on “Defense, Scientific, and Technical Information: From Discovery to Access”. I know, I know – sounds deathly boring, doesn’t it? Truth be told, for the most part, unless you’re excited by presentations with titles like “Copyright and Fair Use for Government Purposes” or “What do we do about really big data sets?”, it probably was deathly boring, except for the costumed swing dance. (No, really.)

However, nestled in among all these other lectures and presentations were a couple of slightly more interesting goodies, like:

Reaching Across Organizations With Virtual Worlds (10.6MB PowerPoint file!), which describes government and military uses of “virtual worlds” like Second Life. Auditoriums in Second Life? Sure, why not – but a crisis center? Who knew?

Also, there was a very interesting presentation on The Power of Wikis (10.9MB PowerPoint file!), which covers Intellipedia and Diplopedia, among other government wikis – and shows what I think may be the first “public” screenshots of the Department of State’s “Diplopedia” wiki, including some good grist for anyone who feels like making an FOIA request or three.

The full agenda from the meeting, with links to most of the other presentations, can be found here.

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