Meet the Kia Soul

I’m not at all a car person, but it appears that Kia may be staking quite a bit on their new Soul, a boxy little people-mover. If you search Google, you’ll find a seemingly endless series of websites devoted to the car.

This week, Top Gear Australia (no, really) did a pretty extensive review of the Soul, and some kind sod has made the clip available on YouTube, right here. I strongly suggest you go watch it – not because it’s a particularly amazing car, but because, well, there’s a hint that Kia might need to get a better focus group where vehicle naming is concerned.

See, in addition to the regular version of the car, Kia have also announced a sportier racing model, the “R-type”. I don’t know that it’ll really be called this, but the Top Gear bloke intimates rather strongly that it’ll be badged as the “R-Soul”… and if you can’t see why that would be a problem, well… think harder. 🙂

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  1. On 6/8/2009 at 7:58 am Kia Said:

    The new Soul has been pretty popular in the States and Canada. It’s slaes has been on increase ever since it’s launch earlier this year.

    Did you see the funny Kia Soul commercial with hamsters playing the main role? This was a very popular commercial.