Peter Adiwal: Damn, Skippy

The Times Colonist, yesterday:

A notorious B.C. gangster who may have been trying to turn over a new leaf is fighting for his life after being shot in a hail of gunfire in a Burnaby parkade.

Parminder “Peter” Singh Adiwal, who was pegged as a potential boss for the Independent Soldiers, was shot several times inside or near a black Porsche Cayenne at a high-rise condo complex in the 4100-block Dawson Street Tuesday night… Residents reported hearing several shots in two bursts of gunfire at around 10 p.m. “There were a lot of shots, at least 10 to 12,” said James Nelson. “One of them sounded like a large-calibre weapon. To me, it sounded like a volley.”

Nelson rushed down from his apartment to the ground-level parkade, where ambulance and police had converged after several people called 911. “The guy was moaning in his black SUV,” said Nelson. “It looked like he was in pretty bad shape.”

The Vancouver Sun, Today:

A young drug dealer linked to the Independent Soldiers gang is believed to be one of two slain men whose bodies were found in a shallow grave Thursday near Kamloops.

The grisly discovery of the bodies of Independent Soldiers associate Kenneth Yaretz, 24, and his roommate Damien Marks, 31, came less than two days after a top-level Soldier, Peter Adiwal, was shot two dozen times in a Burnaby parking lot Tuesday.

Miraculously, Adiwal, 30, survived and remained in Vancouver General Hospital in serious condition after undergoing surgery. He is expected to survive.

Emphasis mine.

This little gangsta might be the luckiest bastard on earth. Okay, getting shot two dozen times isn’t exactly good fortune – but the guy gets shot two dozen times, and lives? Dude must live a charmed life, have been wearing body armor, or both.

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