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Random thoughts from a couple of busy days:

So, you know Daniel Hauser, the Hodgkins lymphoma kid from southern Minnesota who’s on the run with his mother? They left their farm late Monday night, and were supposedly spotted in southern California early Tuesday morning, according to news reports.

How come nobody has asked how they got there? According to Google, that’s a roughly 35-hour drive, assuming no construction, little traffic, and no stops. And why on earth would you take the kid to Mexico, for crying out loud? He can’t read or write English, I’m sure he doesn’t speak a freaking word of Spanish.

My bet: They’re hiding with friends on an Indian reservation somewhere in southern Minnesota. That would, technically, fit the father’s statement about them no longer being in the country, yes?

Totally unrelated, but it came up in conversation the other day, and seemed strange, interesting, and potentially worrisome: Are vegans allowed to practice oral sex? Inquiring minds, and all that.

Evidently, the British government is reluctant to spend money to preserve Bletchley Park. To judge from the article, Bletchley must have be quite the romantic little workplace, as quite a number of people evidently met their future spouses there.

Coming soon – supposedly, hah! – the five-dimensional DVD, storing over a terabyte of data. Because, you know, accidentally scratching, cracking, or losing a couple gigabytes of data just wasn’t enough…

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  1. On 5/22/2009 at 3:13 pm Thomas Said:

    “Are vegans allowed to practice oral sex? Inquiring minds, and all that.”

    Do tell me that is a joke. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that one in my 18 years of being a vegan. Usually it’s brought up after a game of what I call “Stump the Vegan”[1] as a means to diffuse the generally annoying and somewhat tense exchange.

    [1] Stump the Vegan is a game non-vegans play with vegans wherein they question a vegan’s adherene to their ethics. This is done by directing pointed questions at the vegan with no regard to the response. The game generally starts with questions such as, “Do you eat ice-cream?”. Then the qestions become more pointed “Well what are you shoes made of?”. Then when they get frustrated they generally hit you with the winning blow “Hitler was a vegetarian”. This last one always wins as it equates all vegans with Great Evil.

  2. On 5/22/2009 at 3:34 pm Nemo Said:

    Yes, that’s a joke, as I thought was fairly obvious. Someone at a client’s site was joking about the Great Fruitarian Schism, and it all went downhill from there. (There was a dirty limerick that involved lychee nuts, but I forget how it went, alas.)

    To be fair, the whole oral sex thing wouldn’t come up nearly as often if vegans didn’t keep going around proudly claiming to be the world’s best lovers. 😀