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I be busy, so here’s some random stuff to keep you entertained, informed, or otherwise occupied in my absence, heh:

Reading Indymedia, I noticed the crackdown on a group of self-described “militant queers” by a ridiculously well-funded conservative organization who, oddly enough, seem to somewhat hate “militant queers”. Apparently Bash Back! are having a convention later this year, and the schedule of events contains a few items that managed to raise even my eyebrows:


Dig open-source intelligence? Get the spiffy, if expensive, t-shirt here.

An interesting take on politics and terrorism in Canada.

A nice article from the Pioneer Press on the late Jerry Vick, one of St. Paul’s best-loved police officers.

UFO or “secret” drone over Afghanistan? You be the judge!

Celibate Polish monk writes “the Catholic Kama Sutra”, with the church’s approval. No, really.

As U.S. postal rates increase (again!), the UK’s Royal Mail made a half-million dollar profit last year. No word, alas, on how they managed to pull this off…

Oh noes, Google Street View in Japan was shot from “too high” a level, thereby invading everyone’s privacy. Google is making “locally appropriate modifications”, which I think is one of the firm’s better turns of phrase.

Most. Awesome. Police. Motorcycle. Ever.

That is all…

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  1. On 5/17/2009 at 8:00 pm Alex Said:

    That would be “billion” for the Royal Mail.