Score One for the Scary People

Happened to stumble across this cheerful little missive on the net today, while looking for something else, and am greatly amused by it.

Oh, I’m not terribly amused that the libertarian fringe are gaining a foothold locally and maybe even, Gods forbid, gaining momentum, though that doesn’t really bother me all that much, either – this is, please remember, the state that elected an insane former professional wrestler to be governor, as well as the state that elected Michele Bachmann. (And we almost had a self-professed vampire on the presidential ballot this last time around, except, um, yeah.) So politicians who froth at the mouth, and those who, when they’re not gnawing on their own limbs, support these folks, aren’t really all that unusual around here. (It’s either the long, dark winters, or the fluoride in the water. Or a plot by malevolent extraterrestrials who live in an old barn near Rosemount, but you didn’t hear that from me, okay?)

What amuses me is the whole secretive, subversive nature of the announcement. “Excellent news, comrades! We the working patriots of this administrative region have seized bureaucratic control of a congressional district somewhere in Minnesota, but I can’t tell you where, because we want it to be a surprise for the current congressperson in two years’ time when we rise up and advance our populist agenda in accordance with the latest and most up-to-date instructions provided by our Fearless And Most Majestic Leader, may he live and reign forever.” I mean, WTF?

I spent a few moments trying to figure out which of Minnesota’s congresspeople a Ron Paul cheerleader would consider “one of the most unintelligent idiots in the house”. Now, if I were handing out the award, it’d be a no-brainer – Michele Bachmann for sure. Given the way the Paulists seem to think, though, I have a feeling the Representative they’re talking about is instead scary Muslim terrorist Keith Ellison, who, like all Democrats, quite naturally “hates America”, don’t you know.

The message, by the way, is posted by a Shoreview, MN realtor and “pottery artist” named Anisha Dunne, and who also goes or has gone by Anisha Yurcich-Dunne. A quick check of her names in Google should tell you everything you ever wanted to know (scroll down towards the bottom) about the kinds of crazy people who seem to be most heavily involved in Paulist politics these days…

Watch out, Representative Ellison; the weirdos are after you, and they’re unstoppable, because they’ve got some kind of revolutionary new perpetual-motion alternative energy source powering their diabolical machinations… but you didn’t hear that from me, okay?

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