Kwik Hits

Busy couple days at work, coupled with flaky internet at home, means no real posts. Sorry. By way of compensation…

The text, such as it is, of the oh-so-controversial coloring book A Scary Thing Happened;

Free market supply and demand in action, marijuana-style: Authorities destroy a half-million dollars of dope, and Hells Angels in Canada are stockpiling it to drive the price up. Yay, capitalism at work!

I’d like a Coke, a basket of fries, and an Uzi, please. Do you take cheques?

Yay, the the nine-year-old bride in Saudi Arabia has divorced her 50-year-old husband. (Ick.)

Suspicious statistic of the day: According to a British Rail spokesperson, people trespassing on railroad tracks in Britain “costs the rail industry millions of pounds a year”. How on earth do they arrive at that figure?

Last and least, from Wikileaks, Intelligence Exploitation of Enemy Material, a 2006 USMC publication.

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