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By now, you’ve probably heard the claims that illegitimate-unamerican-foreign-born-not-legally-President Obama “wants to take away your guns”, your ammunition, your freedom, your liberty, your gas-guzzling truck, your first-born, and your manhood. Now, I don’t really believe all of this is true, but far be it for me to tell you what to think, right? As far as I’m concerned, it’s just not going to happen, in no small part because castrating everyone in this country would crush the medical system to the breaking point.

However, a friend brings up an interesting question that doesn’t really deserve attention, but might be fun to consider: How would that whole take-away-everyone’s-guns thing actually, you know, be implemented, anyway?

Everyone says “the government is going to come and take away my guns and ammunition”, but it seems like nobody has stopped and figured out the logistics of this. Supposedly, there are eighty million plus registered gun owners in this country, and someone once told me the average registered gun owner has three firearms. That’s a quarter billion weapons that one is theoretically faced with dealing with – tracking down, taking, warehousing, and eventually, I imagine, disposing of, somehow.

Who’s going to be doing the taking? ATF? They’ve got something like five thousand employees, nationwide. Local law enforcement? Don’t really see that happening, sorry. The military? Sorry, while they’re probably the best-equipped people for the job, there just aren’t enough of ’em to forcibly disarm the country.

No existing body of men is, IMO, adequate for the task of disarming the country. Oh, the military might be employed to quash those who forcibly resist the illegal instructions of their socialist overlords, and law enforcement might join in the fun because everyone knows they’re heartless, sadistic killers, and the BATF guys might be involved because they get off on oppressing gun owners, and postal carriers might be involved as well, because they’re crazy and violent and need close supervision, but even all of those groups, together, aren’t large enough to disarm this once-great country.

What that rat fink Obama needs is a couple million low-paid mercenary brownshirts who’ll do anything, however illegal and despicable, for money.

My God, it’s all so obvious, don’t you see? All those private military contractors who’ve been illegally prevented from helping make Iraq a better place are going to be put in charge of the domestic “re-education camps” that patriots like Minnesota’s Representative Michelle Bachman have been warning us about. Across the country, millions of unemployed men, women, and children will be turned into an army of government drones, more than happy to do Obama’s bidding for a couple bucks a day.

Don’t you get it yet? It’s not the pigs who’ll be coming for your guns and ammo, but your neighbors!

The whole thing is perfect, in a Communist fashion: “by each according to their abilities”, right? Unemployed paper-pushers get to take care of the disarmament paperwork, while gang-bangers, fast-food clerks, welfare mommas and other violent undesirables will do the actual dirty work.

Now that we’ve figured all that out, let’s look at the other logistical challenge: what are these brownshirts going to do with all your guns and ammunition? Yes, eventually most of the guns will go to arm either al-Qaeda or blue-helmeted UN terrorists, but where are they going to be stored, sorted, and inventoried before they’re shipped overseas?

Notice how Uncle Sam owns a bunch of banks, nowadays? Any day now, foreclosed businesses and warehouses that the government owns indirectly, through insolvent, nationalized financial institutions, are going to be turned into disarmament centers and re-education concentration camps.

The question is not “is that foreign-born traitor going to try to take away my guns?”; I think we all know the answer to that. The important question isn’t even “what’s going to happen to all those guns after they’re taken away?”; that’s not really important. We know what they’re going to do, and who’s going to be doing it, and can make some pretty good guesses about how they’re going to do it.

The important question, my fellow patriots, is this: once the Traitor-in-Chief’s army of re-educated brownshirt thugs disarm the country, then what happens to them? Send them north into Canada, to tear down every bilingual sign and force the country to speak English like God intended? Ferry them overseas to subjugate our oil-rich former allies? Form them into a domestic security ministry, tasked with torturing, abusing, and pacifying the American populace? Lease them out to foreign companies as inexpensive manual laborers?

Short of an armed insurrection, my friends, the disarmament of this once-proud country is a done deal. Let’s not dwell on it any longer, okay? We blue-haired, blond-eyed men should have seen this coming in tome to do something about it, but it’s too late, now. Now, we need to worry about what comes next, after gang members, illegal immigrants, crack whores, and unemployed lawyers, turned into an army of socialist zombies at government-run reeducation camps, cripple this country and destroy the Constitution. Disarming the country is a means to an end, not an end in itself, don’t you see? We need to accept that it will happen, and move on to more important questions, like why?

It’s obvious what’s going to happen, and there’s no use talking or arguing about it. What we need to concentrate on is what happens next!

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  1. On 4/9/2009 at 10:26 am jfraser Said:

    Don’t you see, all these guns and ammo will be melted down and given to the US automakers for cheap feedstock. These low priced workers can then manufacture the big SUVs and trucks that we all secretly desire. Without the cost of materials or union labor, we can finally be competitive in the global market. With our literal army of car salesmen, everyone in the world will want our autos!

  2. On 4/10/2009 at 10:37 pm Centribumble Said:

    An American indulging in sarcasm?! Sorry, your cover is blown – you’re one of Them!

    BTW. A nice complement to this article came up in my RSS feed the day after:

  3. On 4/10/2009 at 11:49 pm Nemo Said:

    Jfraser: “They” claim, at times, that a skilled Afghani craftsman can take an old motorcycle and turn it into a half-dozen Kalashnikovs, a tea kettle, and a radio receiver, and still have bits left over, so it seems there’s a certain symmetry to turning guns back into vehicles.

    Wonder what’s going to become of all the high-falutin’ polymer guns out there, though. Brakepads?