Kwik Hits

I’m hacking and wheezing from an oh-so-fun respiratory infection, so let’s make this quick:

Boston High School free of vampites, say officials;

From the BBC, ten ways to get a good night’s sleep. Not on the list: Nyquil;

From Secrecy News, double-plus unfun shennanigans at the CIA;

Hate your working conditions? At least you’re not restricted in which toilets you can and cannot use;

Always awkward when the merchant vessels pirates off Somalia attack turn out to be military ships instead;

You know it’s a good soiree when the police get called in to break up a fight, and get to use pepper spray… in the House of Commons, no less.

That’s it for me; it’s back to the chicken-spatzle soup, pain killers, and orange juice for now…

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