COMSAT Pirates Busted?

It’s hard to find any authoritative English-language reporting on the subject, but it looks like a bust may have gone down two weeks ago of some pirate radio operators in Brazil who were using – abusing – American military communication satellites.

Some details are available here; one of the apparently compromised satellites is said to be “FleetSat-8”, which I’m guessing is a U.S. Navy asset.

The Brazilian pirates have been arrested, but note there’s no mention, anywhere, of whatever security hole they were exploiting being fixed. Hmmn…

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  1. On 4/1/2009 at 10:43 pm Perry Jones Said:

    This is a fascinating tidbit. It can’t be a good sign when military assets are remotely hijacked by foreign hobbyists. I’d be thrilled to know more about how this situation came about. I’d also like to know if the hams knew they were using military sats instead of civilian sats.