Fun Times at Norkland High

Remember North Korea, and how, back in the good old days before we’d declared war on brown people the world over, they were Public Enemy Number One? Well, there’s a chance those glory days could return once again, as tensions in the region are ramping up. I mean, even the Chinese have noticed – “At present, the situation on the Korean peninsula is rather complicated with an increasing number of uncertain factors”, a spokesman is quoted as saying. You think?

Most of the tension – but by no means all of it – stems from North Korea’s impending launch of a supposed satellite into orbit. Apparently, there’s concern this could be cover for something much more sinister – an ICBM test. Cue dramatic music, wailing, and gnashing…

Will the U.S. shoot the missile down? Probably not. (And, let’s face it, even if they try, it probably won’t work.) Will the launch make any real difference in the balance of power in the region? Again, probably not. Once the analysts, pundits, and other talking heads have had their fifteen seconds’ fame hyping up the whole thing, will the world go right back to largely ignoring North Korea, instead choosing to concentrate on the evily, weevily terrorists in the Middle East? Sadly, probably yes.

What’s really sad, though, is that given the current, volatile political climate in this country, the Obama administration is going to be condemned by the Rush Limbaugh wing of the looney party, no matter what they do. Shoot down the missile, or try, and the Administration is being reckless and foolhardy, endangering lives and wrecking the country’s foreign relations. Don’t shoot the missile down, and they’re being soft liberal pansies without the backbone to stand up to foreign despots, and besmirching the country’s honor and damaging its foreign relations. Aren’t hypocrisy and partisan politics wonderful?

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