Friday FOIA Fun: Dead Billionare Edition

What secrets are hidden in the hearts of men? More to the point, what secrets hide in the murky depths of time and history, never to be uncovered by mortal man? Well, The Shadow knows, of course…

Alas, where the billionaire former owner of the Minnesota Twins baseball team, Carl Pohlad is concerned, The Shadow might be the only one who knows.

See, whatever records the FBI had on Mr. Pohlad, who passed away in January – and they apparently did have some, once, at Bureau headquarters – those records were destroyed decades ago. As a result, we’ll probably never know why he came to the Bureau’s attention – was he a blackmail or extortion victim? Was he investigated as a suspected Communist, back in the day? Was he suspected of criminal activity at some point in time?

The Shadow knows… and perhaps his family does, as well. I don’t, though… at least not yet.

These sorts of responses to FOIA requests are some of the most annoying; alas, there’s pretty literally nothing you can do, though. Note that this response only applies to the main files at headquarters; in theory, the Minneapolis Field Office might – might – still have records pertaining to Mr. Pohlad, and whatever it was that brought him to the Bureau’s attention. I’ve asked for a copy, on the off chance that’s true, but I’m not holding my breath, and you shouldn’t either – I have never, ever, managed to get anything from the Minneapolis office, ever, because of what I’m increasingly coming to suspect is deliberate obstruction on the Bureau’s part. If I manage to get anything from them, though, I’ll post it here… right after I go out and buy a whole bunch of lottery tickets.

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