Kwik Hits

I seem to be having network problems today, which are preventing me from uploading any of the stuff I want to upload. (Sigh.) So, in the meantime, here are a couple of random interesting bits I’ve stumbled across:

A couple years late to the game (as always), the National Security Agency has joined a secret intelligence-community social-networking website called A-Space. What’s next? A classified micro-blogging service – I-Tweet?

Got $200 million USD laying around? The French would like to sell you a new midget submarine – about the size of a WWII German U-boat, so only “small” compared to today’s giants of the sea…

Local nurses take picture of patient’s x-rays, joke about him online, get fired, and may face fines for violating the (anonymous) patient’s right to privacy. His ailment? A – ahem! – marital aid lodged in his, er, posterior orifice.

Bet he won’t be doing that again…

Sheer awesomeness: The World War One Poetry Archive. (Interesting how the warrior-poet pretty much became extinct after WWII, isn’t it? Maybe it’s because nobody’s drafting the sensitive artistes anymore.)

Recently put online for your enjoyment: a 1933 treatise on military propaganda as a weapon of war. It’s surprisingly fascinating stuff, not least because the morality seems to have been much less of an issue than its effectiveness.

A couple days ago, I posted about some survivalists trying to cultivate penicillin on their own. Well, a reader pointed out that in the short- to medium-term, it’s cheaper and easier to just buy non-prescription veterinary antibiotics. As he or she pointed out, why spend time and money to culture penicillin, when you can get penicillin, other comparable antibiotics, and even ciprofloxacin (aka Cipro, the famed anti-anthrax antibiotic) on eBay. (Just search eBay for “antibiotic”, and see what comes up.) I’m not saying you should start medicating your every ache and illness with veterinary drugs, but I think I’d trust animal meds before something I cooked up in my kitchen, if you know what I mean.

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