Kwik Hits

Not feeling so hot, so here are a couple quick items of potential interest:

Who do you call when you need an animal rescued from a strange spot? Firefighters, of course. Turns out this holds true for military firefighters, as well – even when the animal in question is a baby camel trapped in a manhole;

A story in the Jerusalem Post has some interesting details of cutting-edge military technology that’s been field-tested recently;

Sometimes, life does imitate art, sadly: NCIS is investigating the death of a Coast Guard commander found dead onboard his cutter in port. I’m pretty sure I saw that episode – sometime in season four, maybe?

From Tapped, a headline you can’t make up: I Love My Dead, Gay F-22;

…and, last but not least, from the Only-in-California file: what better way to have spent Valentine’s day than at a lecture on animal sexuality held at the San Francisco Zoo?

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