Kwik Hits

Random goodness from the interweb:

Did a computer virus cripple the French Navy? Some folks say yes, but the French, naturally, insist otherwise.

A Department of Homeland Security analyst gets a dead fish and white powder in the mail, and brings them in to work, causing panic and mayhem, oh my. Worst. Show. And. Tell. Ever.

Lawyers for an accused participant in the Mumbai terror attacks claim their client was “tortured” by an American FBI agent, who performed unspecified sex acts on him in custody. Kinky.

Sadly, I bet it’s less than a month before hardcore porno films “inspired by” this story become available. I wonder what percentage of the profits, if any, will go to victims of the terror attacks? Hmmn, charity fundraising pornography; there’s one way to make smut socially acceptable…

A murder suspect in Wyoming hid from police in the storm drains, which is probably newsworthy in and of itself… but the police responded by bringing in backhoes and digging up chunks of the drain! They got their man, but, jeeze guys, go in for overkill much?

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