Bill O’Reilly Hates America

It’s that simple, really. Mr. Falafel, the man of the phallic loofah, the gas-filled airbag himself, hates America. He doesn’t hate it for the reasons I hate it – i.e. rabid, execrement-for-brains wingnuts like himself – but, like a lot of other deluded, drug-addicted losers, hates it because doing so makes him seem valiant and noble to his drooling, lurching hordes of zombie-like fans.

Taking a page from Joe McCarthy’s playbook, he’s now promised – for what that’s worth – to “name and shame” those who disagree with his insane views, and whom he as labelled as “anti-military guttersnipes”.

Bring it on, Billy. Wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, led, if you can even call it that, by the wrong President, supported by a horde of idiots who are just plain wrong, and cheered on by retards, like Wrongy O’Wrong himself.

You’re a dumbass, Billy. A loud, stupid, fat, drug-addled dumbass. You hate yourself, and you hate women, and you most likely love your father in entirely unnatural ways. You, Billy, are one of the single greatest arguments against intelligent design, because I cannot imagine any power brighter than a lightning-bug who would intentionally create someone like you, Billy.

You know where this post is indexed, Billy? ‘D’ for ‘Dumbass’, Billy, because that’s what you are, a dumbass.

Published in: 'D' for 'Dumb' | on November 14th, 2005| Comments Off on Bill O’Reilly Hates America

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