Some Intellipedia Tidbits

I have a deep respect for Intellipedia, which seems to be one of the few overwhelmingly positive “new technology” success stories to come from the Intelligence Community in recent years. (At least, one of the few that are public knowledge…) It is, of course, Wikipedia, only for government and military intelligence professionals. Public information about the system is fairly scarce, and I’ve tried over time to share what I’ve come across. In keeping with that practice, some readers might be interested in this well-sourced article on Intellipedia from the current issue of the Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin. (Oh, the crazy and wacky things I read, just to find interesting bits of information for you, Dear Reader…) The really astute reader will note that the footnotes include a couple of hyperlinks to Intellipedia itself, which is – I think – a first for a (public) article about Wikipedia.

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