Cellos Manhood-Safe

Male cellists, rejoice! It turns out that playing the instrument isn’t actually hard on your private parts, after all.

While a tiny, tiny few people are no doubt relieved by this news, most of you reading this are probably thinking “WTF?”. Well, it seems that, decades ago, someone “identified” the improbable medical condition ‘Guitar Nipple’, which is about what you’d expect from the name. Convinced it was a joke, another doctor managed to publish a paper on the even-more-improbable affliction of “Cello Scrotum”, which one probably doesn’t need a diagram or lengthy explanation to understand the basic gist of.

Alas, Baroness Murphy made the whole thing up, and has finally come clean.

Am I the only one who finds it amusing that, two centuries after the Age of Enlightenment, even trained professionals are falling prey to ludicrously-conceived nonexistent ailments? Next thing you know, some self-professed expert is going to claim that there’s a “medical condition” called “attention-deficit disorder”, or something like that…

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  1. On 1/28/2009 at 7:19 pm Thomas Said:

    Having played blues harmonica for some years I can attest to the validity of “Harp Lip” wherein the skin on the lip becomes sore or abraded owing to the passing of the wood separators between holes over the lips. These wood pieces expand as moisture from the breath passes through the harmonica durning extended use and eventually jut out of the harmonica acting somewhat like a dull saw.

    If, like many of the professional blues harmonica players, you soak your harmonica before use the effect is even more pronounced.