Kwik Hits

Some random – but interesting! – stuff I’ve stumbled across in the last couple days:

Photo of an unusual F-16 mishap; backstory here;

I saw this photo, and immediately though “eeek! Combine soldiers!”. Apparently it’s just actors in a Japanese movie, but, still…

Got fifteen minutes? Take a survey on cognitive biases in intelligence analysis. Hey, it’s thought-provoking!

An interesting article on education of intelligence analysts in the UK.

Ever wonder how well your computer soundcard is set up? Here’s one way to find out – but read the warnings, first. (You might find it easier to use this WAV file, instead. Do NOT download this and play it without reading through the page linked above, first! Bad things really could happen.)

I can’t find the email at the moment – too many email accounts! – but a week or so ago I received notice of openings in some upcoming Homeland Security college course being offered by the government. (Yeah, I’m on a lot of weird mailing lists.) The best part? It’s targeted at high-level executives in government, national-security and public-safety positions, runs eighteen months, and while most of the course can be completed online, it requires a six-week residency at the college facility per quarter. WTF? Show me a government executive who can be out of the office for six weeks in a row, four times a year, and I’ll show you someone whose position can be eliminated. Damn, where do I get a job like that? Nice “work” if you can get it, I guess…

Finally, interesting reading from the BBC: You know what they say about people with long fingers? 🙂

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