Aboot Entropic Memes

Mein Herren und Damen… it’s a blog. What do you expect? A mission statement? Don’t hold your breath. People post things, people read things, and people leave comments on things. Sometimes, people click on ads, write things elsewhere and link to things here, or even send threatening semi-legal things about things written here.

Entropic Memes began around Samhain, 2004, with the lyrics to a Queen song. (Yes, it really has been running for six years.) Things have gotten rather more interesting since then.

Aboot the Authors

After a very brief attempt at being a group-blog, Entropic Memes is now the realm of one person – Nemo de Monet – with very occasional input and assistance from Nemo’s partner, and their cats.

Nemo lives in Saint Paul, which is in Minnesota, a part of the United States close enough, and similar enough, to Canada that this page is titled Aboot. Bet you thought that was a typo, eh? Saint Paul is not Minneapolis, any more than Gary, Indiana is Chicago – or vice-versa.

An internet user since 1994, Nemo misses Gopher, but neither Archie nor Veronica, and is a big fan of electronic privacy, security, and encryption. Oh, and pseudonymity, but you might have already guessed that. He’s also fond of making FOI and FOIA requests, and has developed respectable Google-fu, though he promises to only use his powers for good.

In mid-2010, Nemo wrote a novel, which he’d appreciate it if you purchased, read, and enjoyed.

Other less-than-interesting pieces of information about Nemo can probably be inferred, rightly or wrongly, from his writings, here or elsewhere.

Aboot the site

Entropic Memes runs on WordPress, a pretty nifty blog CMS, with a number of enhancements for performance and functionality. As of April 2007, a transparent Squid cacheing proxy serves up most design and layout images, and improves performance remarkably. The blog design is based on version 1.0 of the Quentin theme by Mike Purdy, with a lot of changes throughout for performance, appearance, and SEO reasons.

Entropic Memes is written to be viewed on the web, in a browser, at screen resolutions of 800×600 and larger. Because of the wide variety and disparity in feed readers and aggregators, we disavow any responsibility for how any content happens to look anywhere else. Lots and lots of people read this site via the syndication feeds, and we’re happy to have them as readers, but they’re not necessarily seeing everything as was intended. As far as we know, all the feeds directly from this site are full-post, not excerpts, but third-party syndication services might not always distribute everything in their feeds.


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If these things annoy you, you can also email “nemo” [at] “the obvious domain-name.com”; it helps if you put something meaningful in the subject line. (“Hi!” is not meaningful. Nor is this site’s URL.) If you use Jabber, or a compatible instant-messenger system that speaks XMPP, you can IM Nemo at the same address. Nemo is rarely “online”, so don’t expect a response, at least immediately.

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