A Note on Quotes on This Site

At the moment, quotes posted to this site, mainly those of Sir George Cornewall Lewis, are taken from his Essay Government of Dependencies.

Specifically, quotes are taken from the revised edition of the essay, in an “Edition De Luxe” volume of the “Universal Classics Library” by M. Walter Dunne (together with On Colonies by Adam Smith) printed by letterpress in 1901 on heavy watermarked cotton paper. Neither particularly scarce nor valuable, this volume is a nice example of the bookmaker’s art.

My intention is posting these comments, which are more than 150 years old, is simply to point out that the objectionable actions, and inactions, of the present administration of the United States are, for all that George W Bush is not a student of history (nor a friend of books), deeply-rooted in history. To the greatest extent possible, it is my intent to resist the urges of editorialization, and simply present the materiel as-is, with interpretation and application left to the reader’s whims.

Typographic errors are likely mine, owing to the nature in which these quotes are transcribed, being first written out in longhand with fountain pen before eventually being copied online. Grammatical idiosyncracies are almost certainly those of the author(s); the English language of 150 years ago was a somewhat different beast than that of today, particularly in the United States.


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